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By Joe Unangst

Being part of SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, has its priviledges.While we at SGS Galson Laboratories are able to answer the vast majority of your questions, occasionally we receive an inquiry of an ex... Read More


PPI Sampler Allows for Analysis of Thoracic Fraction of Sulfuric Acid Mists

Since 2004 the ACGIH TLV for sulfuric acid of 0.2 mg/m3 has carried with it a ‘T’ endnote, indicating that this TLV applied to the portion of the mist being sampled capable of penetrating the pulmonary tract into (and beyond) the Thoracic region.  This lower TLV (as... Read More


Global Capabilities with SGS

The 2015 American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition (AIHce) is right around the corner, and for the first time we will be participating as SGS Galson Laboratories.

Being joined by SGS associates, we will have a much broader international representation, so at t... Read More


Doing Whatever It Takes For Our Clients

I’ve been reflecting on my ­30 years helping Galson clients with their challenges, and 24 years as Client Service Manager. I’m pleased that Galson, now SGS Galson Laboratories’, significant growth has always come with enhancement of our ability to provide the bestRead More


Congratulations, Bill Walsh, CIH Harriotte Hurley Award Winner!

Awesome news for one of our team is also great news for the IH world.

In early March, SGS Galson Laboratories Business Development Manager Bill Walsh received the Harriotte A. Hurley award, given annually to an AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Program volunteer who serves on the AIHA A... Read More


SGS Galson Laboratories Now Offers a Formaldehyde Home Testing Kit

I wrote you recently with my reaction to a 60 Minutes story that high levels of formaldehyde are being released from wood laminate flooring made in China and sold through Lumber Liquidators.  Since then, the Read More


Should I test for formaldehyde after watching 60 Minutes?

I did not watch the 60 Minutes segment Sunday regarding excess formaldehyde off-gassing from laminate flooring made in China and sold in the US by Lumber Liquidators. The first I heard of it was in our weekly conference call Tuesday where it was related that our Customer Service group... Read More


My Trip to Shanghai

Since early August, 2014, Galson Labs has been a part of SGS, a global company providing inspection, verification, testing, and certification services. Although Galson has always had global clients, being part of a company with more than 1,650 offices and labs in 141 countries has been eye ope... Read More


PCBs revisited

In case you missed it, the 8th Annual PCB Workshop was held this past October in the USA - Woods Hole, MA. to be exact.  This conference moves its’ location from year to year.  A primary objective of this conference was to provide guidelines for risk assessmen... Read More


LEED 2009 Registration Extended to October 2016

I have just returned from the annual GREENBUILD International Conference and Expo held in New Orleans. Spending a week in The Big Easy was indeed easy. Good music and even better food made visiting there a real treat. I was at the conference to be part of an AIHA sponsored round table presenta... Read More

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