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New LOQ's in updated Sampling + Analysis Guide

The online Sampling + Analysis Guidehas been recently updated to reflect some changes in Quantitation Limits (LOQs) related to a few gravimetric analyses and we’ve added a new gravimetric analysis.

Lowered LOQs:

–        Asphalt fume (benzene soluble fraction) by method NIOSH 5042changed from 0.10 mg to 0.050 mg.

–        Cotton dust by method NIOSH 0500using Accu-Cap PVC PW changed from 0.25 mg to 0.10 mg.  

The new addition to the Sampling + Analysis Guide is:

–       Inhalable asphalt fume (benzene soluble fraction) by gravimetric analysis method NIOSH 5042collected with 25PTFE 2.0 PW IOM sampler.

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