Sampling + Analysis Guide

Isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI) [4]
CAS #:
Fee Per Sample:
Method + Notes:
mod. IRSST Isochek Method; HPLC/UV/FL
The MOPIP solution should be refrigerated before and after sampling. Samples should be shipped to the laboratory as soon as possible after collection and should be analyzed within 15 days of collection. Isochek samples must be shipped separately from all other organic samples. Otherwise, there is a risk of toluene contamination from the MOPIP solution. There is a 10-day TAT for this analysis.
Analytical Technique:
Collection Medium:
Order Number:
Not Specified
Media Shelf Life (Years):
3 mos.
Comp Code:
Air Vol (L):
15 L
Sampling Rate (LPM):
1.0 LPM
0.03 ug