Sampling + Analysis Guide

Dust, inhalable
CAS #:
Fee Per Sample:
Method + Notes:
mod. NIOSH 0500/MDHS 14/4; GRAV
The recommended air volumes are based on the ACGIH TLV of 10mg/m3. The maximum air volume may be increased if concentrations of airborne dust are below the TLV. The addition of foam plug enables respirable particulate collection on this media in addition to inhalable particulate, but increases the LOQ from 0.10mg ot 0.50mg for inhalable particulate. Contact client services for more information.
Analytical Technique:
Collection Medium:
25PVC 5.0 PW
Order Number:
Not Specified
Media Shelf Life (Years):
1 yr.
Comp Code:
Air Vol (L):
30-200 L
Sampling Rate (LPM):
0.10 mg