Sampling + Analysis Guide

Diesel Particulate
CAS #:
Fee Per Sample:
Method + Notes:
mod. NIOSH 5040; TOA
Sample open-faced. This media can be used for carbon nanotube sampling. A minimum air volume of 500L must be collected in order to meet the NIOSH REL for carbon nanotubes. The LOQ for total carbon is 4ug. The LOQ for organic and elemental carbon is 2ug. The MDL for total carbon is 1ug. The MDL for organic and elemental carbon is 0.5ug. Results reported between the MDL and LOQ are estimated.
Analytical Technique:
Collection Medium:
25mm Quartz Fiber
Order Number:
Media Shelf Life (Years):
Comp Code:
Air Vol (L):
142-19000 L
Sampling Rate (LPM):
2-4 LPM
4 ug